The Final Countdown - DVD

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Recorded live at TBN Pacific.

Israel and the Church have both experienced momentous changes in the past 100 years.
Join Ps Enoch Lavender in the TBN Pacific TV Studio as he examines how the stage is being set for the Lord's return.

DVD | 90 Minutes

This 3 part DVD series look at:

    The Dual Restoration of Israel and the Church: Follow Israel and the Church through their respective dark ages and discover their amazing parallel restoration in the 20th Century. 

    The Temple Mount & The Third Temple known as the dynamite keg of the Israeli Palestinian conflict, Enoch shares about recent developments around this hotly contested piece of real estate

    The Prophetic Pilgrimage

The worldwide regathering of the Jews from the four corners of the earth is one of the most remarkable events of the past century.