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The Light Horse Century - DVD

This feature length documentary is the perfect companion the Barry Rodgers latest book, ‘Riding into History’.

A century after the last great cavalry charge in history, members of the Australian Light Horse Association embarked on an epic journey across the Middle East. From Gallipoli to Egypt, Jordan and finally Israel, they experienced the ‘sacred sites of service’ of the Anzac Mounted Divisions.

October 31, 2017 – the centenary of the Charge of Beersheba, and the climax of the trip. After a triumphant parade through the city streets, the riders traversed the same ground that the 800 Light Horsemen rode 100 years ago—to the minute.

Riding into History: Beersheba 100 Years On.

This book tells the story of the 175 members of the Australian Light Horse Association (ALHA) who followed the steps of their forebears in October 2017.

The four countries visited included Egypt, Turkey Israel and Jordan. The ALHA members reflected on the training and tradgedies the ANZACs would have faced 100 years ago—culminating in the great charges at Beersheba and later at Semakh.

Their sacrifices, along with the hardships they faced, are in comparable to the challenges the ALHA faced in completing this pilgrimage; yet, just as it was a century earlier, the triumphs outweighed the trials.

Paperback 240 Pages