Bazyli & Anna Jocz

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Jewish Christian Victims of the Holocaust
Author: Kelvin Crombie

“Kelvin has a reputation for rigorous research and leaves no stone unturned. He uncovers another dimension to the Holocaust and one that many have missed. The Nazi fury unleashed against non Aryan Christians.” – The Marquess of Reading

During the period from 1933-1945 Jewish people throughout Europe were persecuted by the Nazi regime in Germany, and some six million were murdered. About half of those murdered were from Poland.

What is not so well known is that there were tens of thousands of Jewish people in Europe who were associated with the Church in one form or another. These Jewish or Hebrew Christians (officially classified as ‘non-Aryan Christians’) suffered like all other Jewish people due to the Nazi race laws.

The Jocz family from Poland fell into that category.

This narrative follows the lives of Bazyli and Anna Jocz from their births in 1880. Bazyli was murdered in 1944. Anna survived but was severely injured and suffered for the remainder of her life. It also follows the lives of their sons, and in particular Jakob and Pawel.

Considerable background information is provided in order to better understand the historical and geographical context in which the family lived, as well as the various phases of the Holocaust.

What happened to the Jocz family was typical of what happened to many of the Jewish or Hebrew Christians of Poland and Europe. Many were murdered by the Nazis and their allies, while some survived. This book also endeavours to provide an insight into the collective story of this over-looked group of Jewish victims of the Holocaust.