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UNTIL is just a little word but has a far-reaching prophetic meaning.

All events, everything that happens in the world seem to continue endlessly. History seems to move forward in circles. Or continues as a long line without an end. However, it is a process… until! And then everything changes! Finally, a turn for the good, even for the better! Yes, there is hope! The Bible mentions many of these divine, prophetic ‘untils’.

In this book, Rev. Willem J.J. Glashouwer has closely examined fourteen of these prophetic horizons. The result is extremely encouraging. It shows that history is not a circle that endlessly keeps spinning round and constantly repeats itself. History is a line, with a beginning and an end. History is coming to a climax with a final goal. From creation to re-creation. From Paradise to the Kingdom of God. Where are we today on this timeline of history? How close are we at this moment that the divine liberation of planet earth and its mankind becomes true reality?