Adopt an Israeli Community

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Act now. Stand with Israel in their desperate time of need and bring them practical support, love and comfort.

Stand with Israel: Adopt an Israeli Community and Transform Lives.

In the wake of the devastating Oct 7 Hamas terrorist attack, Israel's communities cry out for support. Partner with Christians for Israel Australia in the "Adopt a Community in Israel" project.

Your generous donation, matched up to $100,000, brings comfort and rebuilds lives. From mental health care to educational revival, every dollar makes a difference.

Double your impact with our $100,000 matching gift offer:

  • A $50 donation becomes $100 for critical aid, including mental health treatments for trauma and basic care products for mothers and babies in desperate need.
  • A $500 donation becomes $1000 for rebuilding schools in affected areas and for essential educational equipment, including computers for students. 
  • A $2000 donation becomes $4000 for evacuating communities from dangerous areas and purchasing portable above-ground bomb shelters to protect communities from rocket attacks.
  • A $5000 donation becomes $10,000 for equipping standby emergency teams and to support organising relief periods for those suffering from prolonged stress due to the ongoing conflict situation.