Our current list of Holocaust Survivors are all Sponsored!

New survivors are currently being identified in the field. There is no shortage of possible applicants. It simply takes time to identify suitable candidates.

We are still registering interest in this program and registration steps below can be completed in full. However, No monies for pending sponsorships will be taken/accepted until new candidates are available and can be assigned to you.

Adopt a Holocaust Survivor

You can adopt a Holocaust survivor and provide monthly support for them over a given term. How does it work? Easy, you register your intent below and provide your credit card details to our payment system so that a secure payment token can be generated. Based on the term selected below, we will setup a direct debit on a monthly basis to support your adoptee. Via the Donor Portal, you will be provided with a biography on your adoptee providing a means of connecting and praying for them.

Your Donor portal will provide monthly records of each payment made.

Have Questions? check out the Q&A Page

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Enter Your Details


Enter your name and your login email address used to access this Donor Portal

Select Period


Select the length of your sponsorship.

  • 1 Year (12 Payments of $45.00)

  • 2 years (24 Payments of $45.00)


Register your Card


Register your Credit/Debit card to generate a payment token.

(Note Card details NOT stored)

Await Advice


C4I will allocate your adoptee and setup a recurring payment as per Step 3. You will then be notified via email of the details.

Adopt a Holocaust Survivor

Alternate Period Payments

The default payment period is monthly, however, if you wish to make alternative arrangements, this can be arranged. Please contact us on 07 30886900 or info@c4israel.com.au to discuss available options.