Rebuilding the Temple

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Preparing for the Lord’s Return?

This new book from Enoch Lavender chronicles the dramatic rise of the prophetic movement to build Israel’s Third Temple.
It looks at the painstaking preparations taking place to recreate the Temple vessels, as well as the use of DNA technology to identify priests for the restored Temple service.

The book also examines the key role of the Temple in Bible Prophecy and End Times. It looks into the challenging topic of the ‘abomination of desolation’ as well as the surprising potential role of Islam in the rebuilding of the Temple. As you read this book, you will learn of the miracles of the 6 Day War, the stunning rise of a Temple Mount leader to Israel’s national stage, and the reasons why the Temple – despite many obstacles - will one day be built. The ultimate goal of this book is to highlight how the stage is increasingly being set for the Lord’s Return. May the Church heed the message of this important sign of the Times and prepare herself for Jesus’ coming in glory.