70 Questions About Israel

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How does Israel fit into the overall scheme of things in these end days of the End Times? What is the Biblical perspective of the role and significance of Israel for us as believers?

 Do you have questions on Israel but don't know where to start and how to fit the many pieces of information together? This book will serve you well as a starter kit in your journey to answering your questions. It will arm you with the Biblical perspective and facts about Israel so that you will know why and how to stand with and pray for Israel.


Chan Siew Fong is a Regional Trainer for Christians for Israel Asia and is the Editor of the Asian edition of Israel & Christians Today. She holds a Master of Education degree and serves as a teacher educator. She was a Senior Teaching Fellow at the National Institute of Education in Singapore and has served in various capacities at Singapore schools. Siew Fong and her husband attend the Cornerstone Community Church in Singapore, where they coordinate the monthly 'Prayer for Israel' meetings. Siew Fong also teaches on 'The Role and Significance of Israel' in the Training and Equipping Program of their church.