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In Bethlehem, Christians are struggling under the leadership of the Palestinian Authority. Yet, Pastor Naim Khoury and his wife Elvira are determined to spread the word of God's faithfulness and His coming Kingdom among Arabs. The couple brings a message of peace, love and harmony in an environment of hatred against Israel, and seeks to change mindsets.


Christians for Israel helps!

As Christians for Israel, we think it is important for Arab families in Bethlehem to have love for the people of Israel. This is why we wholeheartedly support Pastor Naim Khoury's church, because they share their love and heart for Israel and the Jewish people. We do this financially, but we also maintain contact with the congregation and visit them regularly during our C4I Israel tours. By doing so, we want to show that we feel deeply connected to our brothers and sisters in Bethlehem, and that we support them.


What are the activities of First Baptist Church in Bethlehem?

For many years Pastor Khoury and his wife Elvira have organized summer activities for children in Bethlehem and the wider area. The goal is to introduce these children to the Gospel and by doing so also reach their parents. In addition, they find it important to teach Arab children love for Israel, God's covenant people.


Each summer they host several events:


 For elementary school age children, there is a Vacation Bible School spread over three weeks to allow as many children as possible to come. The children will be introduced to the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments.


 For young people of high school age, they organize two days, which focus on worship, leadership, games, Bible study and good food.


 For members of the congregation, Pastor Khoury and Elvira organize a weekend with music, food and sharing of testimonies.


Want to support First Baptist Church?

The number of Christians in Bethlehem has declined dramatically in the past seventy years. In 1948 eighty percent of the city was Christian, now only ten percent. Many Christians are leaving, because of Muslim hostility towards Christians, but also because the situation in the city is hopeless. The unemployment rate is higher than ever. Families are struggling to make ends meet.


Pastor Naim Khoury's congregation is a congregation with much love for the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, for the God of Israel. This message of God's faithfulness to Israel does not make them popular in the city. Pastor Khoury and his church faces opposition, intimidation and even violence. This is precisely why we want to support the congregation financially. Will you help? Thank you!