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Israel has been brutally attacked. As Christians for Israel, we want to provide help where ever it is needed. That is why we initiated an emergency campaign for Israel. Will you help? Any amount is welcome.

This is a pooled emergency fund. Amount options are suggested only. Choose the amount that is your preference or choose 'Other' to enter your own amount

    From all over Israel, we receive requests for emergency assistance. Initiatives we have sponsored include:
  • Jewish Agency for Israel: evacuation of new migrants from the south, assistance to traumatized victims, food and medicine for poor elderly and Holocaust survivors, assistance to soldiers without families in Israel, assistance to children and families remaining in southern Israel
  • Or Ami: an organization headed by Nati Rom. We helped with protection for the population in Judea and Samaria
  • Home of Jesus the King Church: the congregation of Arab pastor Saleem Shalash, to provide emergency kits for Israeli soldiers
  • ZAKA: the Israeli organization that helps identify victims in disasters
  • Itamar Hakeren Lior Chesed: protection of the population
  • Jaffa Institute: provide accommodation for refugees from southern Israel
  • Christian Friends of Israeli Communities (CFOIC): assistance to families
  • Jerusalem Foundation: assistance to the elderly who cannot or dare not go out into the streets
  • Technion: assistance to students
  • Yad Ezra: extra help for meals
  • The Society for Advancement of Education: care for displaced residents of the kibbutzim around Gaza, in a safe environment somewhere in Israel
  • Alumim: assistance to new oilm from Ukraine who are now in distress in southern Israel
  • Golan Community Center: security measures for families in the Golan
  • ADI: extra help for multiple disabled children, as some of their staff cannot come to work because of situation at home
  • Bead Chaim: extra help for pregnant women who are alone
  • Towards the Horizon: protective vests for rescue workers
  • Kibbutz Reim: a kibbutz that was destroyed, a fund for survivors
  • Hineni: help with meals and other necessities
  • Chasdei Naomi: additional food aid for poor families and singles
  • Colel Chabad: assistance to poor families, including those who had to flee from the south.
  • Israeli Christian Aramaic Association: assistance to members from the Aramaic community from northern Israel.

We expect to receive additional requests from organizations providing emergency assistance.